Simlity GameEngine

Are you a profeesional in Browser GameDevelopment? Do you develop most of the code completly new for every game? The Simlity GameEngine will take most of the coding work from you. Simlity is going out of business, so this is your last chance to get a high performance GameEngine without development effort. Only now you are able to acquire the complete sourcecode of the Simlity GameEngine with all according licences.

The Simlity GameEngine is a next generation middleware for extensive browser games. No matter if action games, huge open wolrd areas, or thousands of active gamers - the slick and fast communication protoaol enables flexible solutions at high performance. The modular components like authentication, payment option, messaging systems complete the simlity game engine to an expandable all-in-one-solution.

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Simlity GmbH i.L.
Moritz-von-Rohr-Str. 1a
07745 Jena

Liquidatoren: Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Apel, Dipl.-Inf. Bernd Weigel
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Jena, HRB 506963
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE-278510341